CPD 23 Thing 1 (and 2)

Thing 1 is to start a blog (check) and write about what you want out of the program – I’ve done quite a bit with Web 2.0 over the last few years, but I’m still hoping to learn new things and mostly to meet a few new people.

I’ve recently started my CILIP Certification and I’ve been to a few training days and networking events already so I’ve started making some new friends and I’m hoping to make a few more doing this. And if I get some extra evidence for my portfolio then even better!

Thing 2 is to browse other people’s blogs so I’m off to peruse the list on the CPD23 blog and I’ll leave you some comments in the hope the you leave some for me!



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6 responses to “CPD 23 Thing 1 (and 2)

  1. June White

    I am also starting CPD23 and working in the library at Basingstoke Hospital which is part of the Hampshire healthcare library service. I am very new to health libraries having only started in February. Hope this goes well for both of us

  2. Hi Lisa, glad to meet up with you online. This web2.0 stuff always seems to be changing so I’m sure there will always be new bits to pick up on. Good luck with the course.

  3. Hi Lisa, thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope you are enoying working in a health library and I am looking forward to exploring the Things too!

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