Thing 12: Putting the Social into Social Media

I have to admit, despite all the best intentions with Social Media – I am a bit of a ‘lurker’! I check my Twitter and Facebook feeds regularly, and I post fairly often, but when it comes to interacting, I think I fall a bit short in that respect. I think it boils down to just not knowing what to say in response, or being wary of ‘not contributing’ to the discussion, but I’m going to resolve to be more (inter)active this week and see where it leads!

Twitter has been the most useful for connecting to people, both in my sector during the Health Libraries Conference last month and in other sectors, such as during the CILIP West Midlands Information and Networking Day I went to in April. I’ve been able to share pictures and have conversations with people about the event, even if I didn’t get a chance to talk to them in person during the event. Hashtags make it really easy to find out who’s talking about the event/topic and from there I’ve found some really interesting people to follow.

I’ve joined groups on Facebook for the CILIP special interest groups I belong to, but it’s a bit harder to interact on Facebook because starting a conversation is different to noticing someone’s Twitter hashtag.

This year my Library service branched out into Social Media with Twitter and Facebook pages. We’ve had a blog for a while and it’s been quite popular and we wanted to build on this. The Twitter has been fairly successful – we have 15 followers, mostly other hospital libraries, but increasingly individuals, presumably people who work at our Trust.

I have to admit the Facebook account has been a bit of a disappointment in this regard – we have three followers, all of them Library staff! The Facebook page is my responsibility and I’ve tried to post interesting information and links to the page so that people visiting it can see something, but no takers as yet. What annoyed me, was when I recently tried to post a message on the Event page for a fund-raiser the hospital had for our new Cancer unit (to wish luck to a colleague who was participating) my message showed, but without my username being shown, which to me seemed illogical! I can understand they don’t want Pages spamming users, but this seemed an obvious way to promote my page and I ended up deleting the message. If no-one knows who it’s from why leave it there!! I’m currently facing the realisation that we may just have to give up, although I’m planning at least one last push for users first!!



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2 responses to “Thing 12: Putting the Social into Social Media

  1. Lesley Firth

    Hi LIsa,

    Quick question, do you work in an NHS library? I’m just curious about your Facebook and Twitter access. We have a fairly illogical internet access policy which prevents FB, Twitter, YouTube, Ebay & Flickr (such useful sites, well, aside from Ebay!) but allows access to a myriad of inappropriate websites.


    • I do, but Staffordshire University has a Health Faculty based in Shrewsbury and we get Nursing and Midwifery students based at both of our Hospital sites, so we have University networked computers in both of our Libraries which we can use for accessing Facebook and Twitter.

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