Library One-Liners

I’ve been reading through these Library One-Liners  (found via Swiss Army Librarian) and some of them made me smile – on a manic day when I really appreciated it!

Being a specialist Library, we don’t get a lot of random questions, although I once had request for a book ‘I can’t remember the title or author, it was about Qualitative Research and it was red’ (although I impressed the student by finding the one he was talking about!)

I would love to hear other people’s one-liners – feel free to add a comment below!



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5 responses to “Library One-Liners

  1. Lise

    “Are these books in any sort of order?” is one of my favourites. LS

  2. Liz James

    Years ago I worked in the University of London Library and was stopped by a user in the languages section as I was passing by. She asked me if I could find a book on Old Nordic literature for her. “It was big and black and it was here 20 years ago”. Needless to say I couldn’t!

    In another library (health care), a user asked me if I could photocopy every card with the topic of community care in the old card catalogue and he didn’t mind how much it cost or how long it took. We didn’t…

    My favourite was always “I’m looking for a book”. In a library? Really?!

  3. Liz James

    Oh yes, forgot this one. “I’m looking for a photograph of Florence Nightingale standing by an X-ray machine. I don’t mind if it’s in colour or black and white”.

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