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Why I’m voting for change

Change and re-brand seem to be a minor theme for me at the moment. I am a Brownie Leader and Girlguiding UK recently changed the Promise – I have to admit I was fairly apathetic about the consultation, I honestly didn’t think they would change it. I have to admit I should have cared; I did talk briefly with my Brownies during the consultation about if they could change it how would they, but I didn’t submit their ideas. I meant to, and I should have, but I look at the new Guiding Promise and I like it. I know why they changed it, and I agree with the reasons.

It would be easy for me to have a similar apathetic opinion about the CILIP re-brand – I don’t mind what it’s called as long as it keeps doing the work it’s doing for libraries and keeps supporting my professional development. But I’ve been reading some recent blog posts, including some from Tom Roper, John Dolan’s guest post on Phil Bradley’s blog and this post from Dave Puplett and I decided to send in my proxy vote – FOR change.

When I tell people I am a member of CILIP or I have done my CILIP Certification, people outside of the profession rarely know what ‘CILIP’ means. We need a strong name and a strong identity/brand, especially if we are to advocate strongly/successfully in support of libraries. I’ve seen the results of the survey and I’m looking forward to getting a chance to vote on the new name – although I will be voting in favour of using the word library as I feel it it a part of our brand no matter what clichés it brings to mind and how ‘outdated’ these might be.

Since I started drafting this post I’ve seen message on blogs and Twitter – and even an email to the CILIP Reg mailing list from Barbara Band – about the new name and it will include the word library, so I’m very happy with this, and I’m looking forward to the big reveal (and my chance to vote for/against it).

One of the main arguments against the re-brand seems to be the cost – £35,000 might be a lot to me personally, but I went looking online for some context and found a charity CEO’s blog article talking about a seminar he went to on re-branding where two charities were discussing their re-brands:

The “shoe string” example had cost around £50,000; a not unreasonable amount given that charity’s strong reliance on individual giving … The speaker from a large national charity declined to give a figure, but said it ran into the low millions.

Suddenly £35,000 doesn’t seem like such a lot of money! CILIP has approximately 15,000 members – that’s a little over £2 each: less than you pay for a coffee on the high street! And we’re not just getting the logo for that money either – it’s an all inclusive fee to cover the whole process including the consultation.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what your opinion is – but I think you need to have one. More importantly, you need to tell someone your opinion: either attend the meeting next week and vote or fill in a proxy voting form like I did (Closing date for receipt of proxy votes is Saturday).



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