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Happy Birthday!

I’m ashamed to admit, but I didn’t notice that it had been one year since I started my blog until a notification popped up from WordPress!

Screenshot of my Anniversary notification from WordPress

My Anniversary notification from WordPress

A lot has changed since I wrote my first posts – my first CPD23 post offers a nice insight into my progress over the last year: I’ve completed, and passed, my ACLIP Certification as well as carrying on with my blog past CPD23, a small goal, but one I’ve reached nonetheless!

Professionally I’ve joined the CILIP Career Development Group (West Midlands) committee and settled into my role as Vice-Chair. I’ve even joined the organising committee for our upcoming Librarians as Teachers event. The start of last year also saw me move into a new role at work, which I am now fully settled into – and still loving it! My new role has given me the chance to get involved with doing literature searches for clinical staff as well as get involved with the Training the Library runs.

This flows nicely into my next achievement; I’m now half way through my Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Sector (PTLLS) course, a training need I identified during my ACLIP, but haven’t had time to focus on until now. I’m learning lots of new things, and I’m planning a blog post to summarise it all when I have all of my assignments out of the way (so sometime in late June when I finish!)

Another skill I’ve learnt from doing this blog is using WordPress itself. It sounds obvious, but since I’ve started blogging our Library has redesigned it’s website – and we’re using WordPress.org as a Content Management System. I wasn’t responsible for designing and building the site, but I am one of the content contributors and being familiar with WordPress has given me a big head start in getting everything set up and posted. I also built a website for the Librarians as Teachers  event I’m helping to organise. We needed something, quick, simple and cheap – so to me WordPress was an obvious solution. I can add pages from work, or from home, and if we’d needed to I could have added other team members to the admin. It was also really easy last week to update it when we booked the last available place – less than five minutes later I’d logged in and updated the website.

It’s hard to believe a year has passed by so quickly, hopefully the next 12 months will bring lots more good news with it. To be honest, a majority of my aims for the next year aren’t professional, but once my PTLLS is out of the way, I plan on looking a bit more closely at Chartership – particularly finding out if I can undertake it in my current job role, which I’m hopeful I can. I won’t be able to submit until November 2014, but I think I can easily be ready by then to do so.


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