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Wiki Update

I was recently reading The Victorian Librarian’s post for Thing 13 and it reminded me about my promise to update the section about wiki’s when the NHS Midlands Regional Trainers Forum project I am working with had set ours up. The short story is that we haven’t yet – because we’re all on NHS computers most of us are limited to Internet Explorer 7 due to it’s use for interfacing with Clinical Systems on the wards, but all of the wiki’s we’ve tried (and phoned to ask) no longer fully support Internet Explorer 7. My Library Service has recently upgraded to IE 8 – but that took a few weeks of nagging the IT department and arguing that we didn’t use the clinical systems anyway (don’t get me started on the response I had to the request to install Firefox instead!) – I know of at least one other NHS Library service who use IE 8, but again, that was just in the Library, not Trust wide.

Does anyone know of a wiki (or a suitable alternative) that is suitable for using with IE7?

Even if we as creators of the wiki have access to IE 8, we are intending to share the content with NHS Libraries across the Midlands, and hopefully eventually further afield, and a lot of them will be limited to IE7 for the time-being at least.


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