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Are you looking for a Man Date?

The above title ‘Are you looking for a Man Date?’ is taken from an article in my Trust’s internal news feed that appears on the Intranet – the article started:

“OK, so we got your attention under false pretences. It’s a Mandate not a Man Date.”

It was about the Department of Health’s first Mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board and it was an interesting article – but even I have to admit I only followed the link because of the catchy title!

My post last week about how reading is good for your health gave me a record high of over 200 views and it got me thinking… ‘Reading is good for your health’ was obviously a catchy title too – especially in feeds such as the CILIP Members Blog Landscape or the CPD23 feed where there are multiple contributing blogs. As a subscriber to these feeds, I find there is a lot of new articles some days and I have to scan down for articles that look interesting – a catchy title helps gain my attention.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m planning to put a bit more thought into my post titles from now on!


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