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Thing 6: Online Networking

I originally joined Facebook to keep in touch with University friends, but since then I’ve added old school friends, various current and former colleagues and even some cousins I don’t see very often. I’ve always tried to keep it more for personal stuff, but as I’ve ‘liked’ CPD23, and my CILIP Special Interest Groups (CDG and HLG) it’s also being used for more work related stuff.

I’m not what you’d call an active user; yes I check my friends’ updates regularly, but I don’t post all that often. There’s a mixture of reasons, including ‘my daily life isn’t always exciting enough to post about’ and ‘I don’t see the point in photographing my food’ (you can laugh, but I know people who do this and mobile internet has made it worse!) but I think as I get more involved in professional networking that my Facebook use might pick up – not so much the posting, but talking to people through the site. It’s a great way to talk to someone you’ve only met a few times, or know of, but haven’t properly met yet.

I think the main advantage of Facebook is photo sharing and advertising events. With Twitter you can post one photo per ‘tweet’, but with Facebook you can add whole albums of photos. With the events you can put all of the details and discussion in one place and people can be invited and asked to invite others – it’s a good way to spread word of mouth, while making sure that the correct details are being passed on.

This year the library that I work for joined Facebook and Twitter – I’ve been put in charge of the Facebook account and while I try to post to this regularly and advertise it on our monthly newsletter we still only have library staff who follow it. Short of sending invites to all of our library members (which seems a bit over the top) I’m not sure what else we can do to bring the numbers up (any ideas would be greatly appreciated!) but it tells me that our library members want to keep Facebook for personal not work related things as well.

I have joined CILIP Communities, although I have yet to make any friends because it’s difficult to find time for a good browse of who is on there. I do like the Announcements section and the ability to store documents – as well as the feed from my blog on the left! (On a side note I couldn’t get the RSS feeds from CILIP Communities to work on my WordPress blog – does anyone know why? Without being able to see any error messages I’m not sure why it’s not working!) I also like the blogs section on CILIP Communities, especially the Bloggers Landscape where members blogs are included as it’s a good way to find library related blogs (it’s how I first found herslantfinely and the CILIP WM Blog) I’m planning on using my blog over the summer to record my reflective writing from the HLG 2012 conference and various other things, so I might look at getting my self added to the Bloggers Landscape in time for this.

I haven’t joined LinkedIn yet – although I have been thinking about it. What do people think of the site? I’d be really interested to know if people find it worth while. I have to say though that I did like the quote in the CPD23 post: “Facebook is the backyard BBQ; LinkedIn is the office” I think that it is an apt description!

I think LISNPN might be useful too. I’m planning to work towards my Chartership after I finish my Certification so I think it’ll be a handy place to be able to seek advice and make connections.



As a preview for Thing 7 next week I’m planning to go to the CILIP WM/CPD23 meet up in Wolverhampton on Thursday 14th June. Details here: http://communities.cilip.org.uk/blogs/cilipwestmidlands/archive/2012/06/07/informal-meetup-for-cpd23-participants-and-others.aspx I look forward to meeting lots of new people!


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