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Thing 18: Pod and Video-casting

As a library service we made and posted some screencast training videos online a few years back. I confess, I don’t know what software was used, but if it wasn’t Jing, it was similar. The videos were posted on YouTube (youtube.com/sathlibraries) although they were never very popular with our users, presumably because YouTube is blocked on our hospital network and people had to watch them at home or not at all (even embedded YouTube videos are blocked). If we were one day able to get access to them – or post them on the hospital’s Intranet I think they would be a very helpful tool for our users to be able to access.

UPDATE: I was flicking through my copy of The Cybrarian’s Web (full reference in my Further Reading section) before I bring it back to the library and I saw about another video sharing site vimeo.com – I can access this one at work, so I’ll be suggesting hosting our screencasts here and see what the boss says!

I’ve read articles about libraries pod-casting and I often wonder what they talk about for these. Unlike the screencasts, or other video casts, where you can show your users something, either on the computers or physically in the library, a pod cast seems to be a bit random. Although I guess it’s no different than a blog post, just spoken instead of written, but I wonder if followers would notice quicker if you didn’t post a pod cast, rather than a blog post …


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