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Mobile Internet Use Amongst Library Users

OK, here’s an interesting one for you…

Last year we did a survey of the fifth year medical students about mobile internet use. It wasn’t a big sample (22 respondents), and let’s face it, younger people tend to be more ‘tech savvy’ so the sample was far from diverse, but we, as a Library who were starting to investigate demand for a mobile optimised web page/ catalogue etc, found it very useful.

More useful is the fact that we did it again this year, and while the sample was still not large (14 respondents) it did show some interesting trends:

  • Regular use of information resources on mobile devices doubled from 26% to 50%
  • The number who felt it was important to be able to access information resources on mobile devices increased from 64% to 92%
  • There was an increase in the numbers of students who didn’t know what QR codes were*
  • Library notices by SMS came out on top of the list of information resources or services considered important

*This was a little disappointing as we’ve been using them!

I actually had a discussion about sending SMS messages today, as the next upgrade of our LMS will give us this ability, but I don’t know if it’s necessary: more and more people are using smartphones and can pick up their emails on their phones – so is there really a demand for SMS messaging as well when the email can include a link to the online catalogue for you to renew them straight away?

If you want to see the report you can find it on our library website.


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