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Wiki Update

I was recently reading The Victorian Librarian’s post for Thing 13 and it reminded me about my promise to update the section about wiki’s when the NHS Midlands Regional Trainers Forum project I am working with had set ours up. The short story is that we haven’t yet – because we’re all on NHS computers most of us are limited to Internet Explorer 7 due to it’s use for interfacing with Clinical Systems on the wards, but all of the wiki’s we’ve tried (and phoned to ask) no longer fully support Internet Explorer 7. My Library Service has recently upgraded to IE 8 – but that took a few weeks of nagging the IT department and arguing that we didn’t use the clinical systems anyway (don’t get me started on the response I had to the request to install Firefox instead!) – I know of at least one other NHS Library service who use IE 8, but again, that was just in the Library, not Trust wide.

Does anyone know of a wiki (or a suitable alternative) that is suitable for using with IE7?

Even if we as creators of the wiki have access to IE 8, we are intending to share the content with NHS Libraries across the Midlands, and hopefully eventually further afield, and a lot of them will be limited to IE7 for the time-being at least.


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Thing 13: Google Drive, Wikis and Dropbox


An old friend made the suggestion a few months ago to use Dropbox to back up important files instead of a memory stick. Admittedly he may have been angling for the extra storage space he received by suggesting it to me, but it makes sense to keep these things off the computer. In Thing 9 I mentioned a friend who lost both his University assignment and the back up file on his USB when his computer crashed and took out the USB pen with it – having a copy online would have saved him a lot of typing!

I don’t use Dropbox as much as I probably should – but it’s so easy to drag and drop files in the folder on my desktop which then syncs with the online drive. I can then access these files from the website, although annoyingly it’s blocked on our NHS network so I can’t use it for work documents. I haven’t had a need to share documents on there, but I have played with it a little and getting the URL link is literally as easy as pressing a button (or two).


I haven’t done much posting to Wikis, but that’s about to change – a workgroup I’m in with the Regional Trainers Forum is setting one up for us to share documents to save us emailing them back and forth (some were quite big and took up nearly all of my inbox!) I’ll probably add a bit more to this post when I’ve had a go with it!

My Library has an invite only WordPress Blog that we refer to as our wiki. We share an LMS with another local Trust so we don’t have access to a Shared Drive to store related documents on. It’s really simple to upload documents and link to them on a page to make browsing easy and we use the blog to share notes from training sessions and conferences that we’ve attended. I think if we were to re-do, or overhaul, the site we would probably go with a proper wiki page, just for ease of use, but it works very well for it’s purpose.

Google Drive sounds like a really useful tool – and I can see possible uses for me with my voluntary work, as well as for inter library collaboration. It seems very similar to a wiki – although I imagine its easier for a small or early stage project as you probably have less things (like home/web pages etc) to set up, just log in and off you go. Next time people start emailing documents back and forth I might suggest this and see how much easier it makes things!

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